Saturday, November 12, 2016

Oh, those New York memories.

I was walking back from the gym tonight when a lady near me took out her phone and took a flash photo of her ear. She instantly entered my Hall of People to Whom Stuff Happens.

I am a charter member of this group. I can prove it. Just a few minutes before, a big round guy with big eyes and a wow voice pointed at me and said "DON'T! DON'T FALL!" This was just outside Trader Joe's. I looked behind me. There's some guy watching. Round guy points, forces eye contact, and repeats, "WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T FALL!" Then he walks the two steps toward me, says, "If you fall, you won't have far to fall, but I'll catch you."

If I'd never visited Glide Memorial in the 70s, I might've freaked. I say "thanks." He kisses my cheek, then my hand, then gives me a hug. I say, "Okay," wave, and walk away. He goes into Trader Joe's. I had to got past a fruit cart before I felt safe wiping my cheek. Otherwise it might've triggered another truckload of Luv.

Anyhow my first thought after seeing the lady flash her face was to check for a full moon, and for one brief sec I thought I'd seen it, but upon backing up two or three steps realized it was just the illuminated sign on Beth Israel Hospital. In fact, it's a 16% crescent. So much for that theory.
This post was drafted in 2012. If you were resurrecting your blog, would you throw it out or post it four years later? Well, hey, I know what I'd do.

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