Thursday, December 4, 2008

It's the Financial Follies!

The biggest fundraiser for the New York Financial Writers Association is a dinner called the Financial Follies, which features a stage show with NYFWA members.

We got lots of help: three directors, a costume lady, three dressers, two makeup ladies, and a four-piece band--and five of the cast were ringers!

I love that photo at the bottom. It looks like a scene from Hairspray. If I had any pride, I'd bury it.

Top row left to right: Norell, Sheila, Bob, Jonah, Patrick, Jill, Len. Middle row: Conway, Moi, Colin, Michael, Laura, Karla. Front: Carolyn and Irene. Jill was Music Director; Laura was Director in Charge of Everything. Photo by Carolyn.

Parody-proof shot of Moi. Photo by Carolyn.

Wot, you were expecting commentary on the state of the world?

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