Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Iraqi Journalist Channels American Frustration, Throws Shoes

Who would've thought that an Iraqi journalist could do more to raise American spirits than a tax cut? When Muntadhar al-Zeidi threw his shoes at President Bush two days ago, he did what many Americans have been wanting to do for years.
DISCLAIMER ONE: I cannot condone the use of physical aggression to express emotions.
Still, I can't help feeling a sense of--what is the word?

I need a multisyllabic high-falutin' word for "smiley face," a word that's the opposite of schadenfreude, a watered-down, dignified equivalent version of "glee." "Vicarious satisfaction" is two words.

"Catharsis" will have to do.
DISCLAIMER TWO: I'm glad there were no injuries worse than the press secretary's black eye.
I must say, President Bush showed a remarkable athletic grace in his shoe-dodging dip to the side.

If only he had been deft enough to sidestep the influence of Dick Cheney's corporate largesse, Wall Street's call for weakened oversight, agribusiness' demands for salmon's water, Big Pharma's demand for loosened regulation, and on and on and on.

At least now we know that Mr. Bush dodges well in public.

Wait--didn't we know that already?
DISCLAIMER THREE: I hope my conservative friends, relatives, acquaintances, and potential employers won't read this post.
It's painful to think that a man who showed such courage will spend the next two-plus years being beaten up in an Iraqi jail for "insulting" a visiting head of state.

I barely have the guts to face disapproval from the "a pie in the face isn't funny" crowd.
DISCLAIMER FOUR; I know that throwing a shoe in Iraq is an order of magnitude worse than throwing a shoe in, say, Iowa.
I wish that President Bush would speak up in support of Muntadhar al-Zeidi to display the single greatest American value: freedom of speech.

Not to mention the message that America so urgently wants to send to the Middle East: All we want is

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