Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In Which a Blogger Admits Being Wrong

It's refreshing to be wrong once in a while, just for the variety.1

Deadeye Chuck (aka Charlie Rose) had two economists on his talking-head show last night. You could tell they were economists because their voices were both nasal AND monotonous, apparently prerequisites for loading up their poor bent-over necks with the medals and prizes that in turn gets them on Charlie Rose.

Anyway, it seems clear that there are more goodies for smaller investors in tonight's bill. Better FDIC insurance coverage for small bank deposits (150% better); and--um, so forth.

There's more, no doubt, but since I spent several hours today ancient leather-bound books from Point A to Point B (and tomorrow I will spend several hours moving them from Point B back to Point A), I'm not clear on what they are. So good night, everybody.

1Thank you for not laughing in my face.

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