Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Is Palin the Bitch Cheerleader from Hell? Let's Ask Ken Starr!

You wouldn't know it from Palin's acceptance speech, but almost every vicious, scurrilous allegation devised to attack Hillary Clinton's character finds its reality in Sarah Palin.

I'm not talking about the fact that Palin looks, sounds, and behaves like the bitch cheerleader from hell--or high school, which is much the same thing. I'm talking about Palin's politics.

In Palin's short-to-evanescent public career, she has muzzled government employees, fired the ones who disagreed with her, and poked a finger into the local public library to see if she could censor the books. That's not to mention a sleazy move for which she's under investigation: firing a state official for refusing to fire a man who was divorcing her sister. Palin's sister wanted to win a custody case, you see. 1, 2, 3

Remember the federal investigation into the Clintons' business ties--the one that lasted until Independent Counsel Kenneth W. Starr found a way to trap Bill Clinton via Monica Lewinsky? It took four years, cost $40 million, and finally led, to Republicans' obvious glee, to Clinton's impeachment. 4 The saga from sin to impeachment began with an incident that occurred after the investigation began, and it was the sole topic of the "Starr Report."5The impeachment was, in my view, a travesty. Congress's bitchy cheerleaders for this witch hunt were willing to embarrass the country so that they could disgrace the President.

Congress needs to investigate evidence that government officials are crooked. Now that Palin has stepped onto the national stage, she should get a legal and ethical version of the Clinton investigation.

It would do the country good.

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