Sunday, February 3, 2008

Does Obama Look Like a President?

It will be hard to get used to a President with jug ears, black lips, and hands as oversized as a puppy's. Obama doesn't look like the leader of the free world--not yet. 

We'll get used to that. 

I'm not sure we'll get used to a new world that overwrought wiseheads describe:  the one with the United States as a second-rate power, hobbled by the fallout from our own spendthrifty habits, harassed by price-undercutting Chinese thugs out to steal our lunch money.  

To my mind, there is a new world:  An economy that isn't run by overrefined white moneybags on the eastern seaboard. With Obama in charge, we're looking at a world where, conceivably, ethnicity doesn't matter.

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