Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I'll Take a Bite for this Principle

Since I was bitten by an unneutered dog, several people have suggested I have my own dog fixed. I'm well aware, too, that many think there should be a law barring owners who are not breeders from having unneutered dogs.

I respectfully disagree. Dogs behave badly when humans behave badly. I think a responsible owner has every right to keep a dog unneutered.

I like the idea of licensing owners rather than licensing pets. The owner who brought his unspayed dog to the run apparently didn't even know the dog was in heat. I think he should be restricted from having unneutered animals.*

However, owners are innocent unless proven guilty. It seems to me that advocates of forced neutering aim to protect the world from humans who haven't screwed up yet.

We can't presume guilt before innocence in a democracy. Otherwise, we're in deep doo-doo.

I'll take a bite for that principle.

*Some people have even told me they think he shouldn't be allowed to own animals at all. I disagree there too. It's the loopy humans who need pets the most.

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Eliea said...

A responsible owner is few and far between sometimes. I have no issues with non spayed and neutered dogs who's owners keep them inside when they are in season and obviously care for them like they should be.
It's the ones that are aloud to just roam the streets during rush hour traffic becasue their owners are to lazy to walk them on a leash, or let them potty in their own yards. Those are the ones who get me! And they typically are the ones complaining that their dog is having puppies again, and again and again. Wearing the dog out and killing her slowly. People who won't put the time into a dog that it deserves should have their dogs spayed or neutered.
My dogs have all been spayed with the exception of the one we had growing up. But my parents had a fenced in back yard and she was let out there when she was in heat, she was always supervised and she was kept inside most of the day.
The dog never had puppies and lived to be 17. She was the best dog ever. :)