Friday, September 21, 2007

Guiliani Should Head FEMA

The sole reason Rudy Giuliani could launch a presidential bid is his performance of 9/11.

Few criticize his actions that day and in the first few weeks that followed. He was quick on his feet and wise in his words. He stayed calm too. For someone who'd just escaped a building that was literally crumbling over his head, that's big. Most significant, Giuliani was effective. He mobilized and directed an enormous network of services for dealing with the crisis.

That's the guy you want heading FEMA. He's competent.

Perhaps Giuliani really thinks he can get the Republican nomination. I doubt it, because when you see him up close you realize he's a colossal jerk. But Giuliani has never been modest. At the least, Giuliani wants a key cabinet appointment. I'd guess he wants Homeland Security, the Big Dawg of governmental command and control.

Giuliani's other accomplishment as mayor was running the ball on crime-cutting measures such as CompStat, the computerized crime-tracking program. As I've said in a previous post, Giuliani has the instincts of a control freak, including a calloused take on civil liberties. He shouldn't be in charge of domestic spooks who are already invading our privacy. We could kiss our freedom of speech goodbye, and probably our freedom of association too.

It might take a few blandishments to get Giuliani to take a lesser role than Homeland Security. He deserves the Presidential Medal of Freedom in any case. But what a great FEMA director he would be.

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