Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Aha! Lookit! I Was Right!

New York's police commissioner, Ray Kelly, has just told us the signs that an American is turning into a homegrown terrorist:1

*He stops wearing baseball caps.
*He grows a beard.
*He starts surfing radical Islamic websites.

You know what this means, folks?

The New York City police care whether you wear a baseball cap! They want to know when you stop.

It's not just your girlfriend, your mom, and your buddies who notice your facial hair. The police notice too!

You thought only Google and nefarious marketeers tracked where you park your eyeballs on the web, but noooo--reading a radical Islamic web site puts you on a police watch list!

What did I tell ya on August 11? Huh? What did I tell ya?

And about that bridge collapse in Minnesota: What did I tell ya on July 22? Huh? Huh?

If I may quote the late guitarman Les Paul:2

Come to FididdlyDaily and you will know the truth.

1"NYPD Warns of Homegrown Terrorist Threat," Tom Hays (Associated Press Writer) August 15, 2007, Associated Press, 7:22 PM EDT
2"Come on in and you will know the truth" was the slogan Les Paul used in his later years at Fat Tuesday--the club where he performed on (cough) Mondays.

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